Friday, April 26, 2013

gorg joens ded.

gorg joens maed cat fud andog fud to.
he maek pretie kuntree mewsik to an
he goen wae owt to the spaes man land.
goot bie mitter joens. R.P.I. 

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

2013. i maek moer drawgs

toomaroe is valentiems an i stuk in the hows
but maebee eet a staek an dink a beer or too.
miet wach a moovee wit funee man an pet
on the bad cat an i draw the dansin man goen
go to the dor to sae hapee valtiem dae. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012. apocalips yeer.

my frin is a juk shee trie to bee funee an maek
fun an drik a beer. shee run rown an laff at peepil
an eet peetsa an seeng sowngs. shee goot at seenging.
but shee is a juk an a kaengarew. 

rok an roel blews liev wus reel goot. an mie
ant sae she wus a ners an help som. meksikans
aer mad at me an mie meksikan frin, nok a biek don, i maek
nies diner an mae bee a weel char, 

it is eestir tiem an miet eet sum ham birgir an
limin aed. jeezis do not wan me too drink a beer
so i am on lee drinks limins. selebraet at mie hows
an cuk on the bar bee kew an waet for ies creem truk.
i hoep the eestir chikin coms to see evree boddee.

i plae sum hevee metil mwesik an i see a bad pig goen see
me in mie under waer. i git scaerd an i drink sum beer to
maek me relaks. i liek hevee metil to an i see a konsirt win
i wus a litil man. to dae i goen lisin to sum moer rok n blews. 

creep theeng com arown to dae an i wach owt for it is rownd mie bak. i akt reel nies an it trie to stab me wit a big oel nief. wesley goen to hav a partee anee wae an peepil goen to see mie art pikchirs an drink beers an mae bee eet sum of the sooshee to. bee kaerful of the creeper. not nies.

to dae is a noo yeer an i see on teevee is we ar al go to die
indeein peepel ar sientits can see fewchir an tel of apacolips waer jeezis coms tu erth an eets al the peepel. i am gon to
drink a lot of beers an i am gon beet up sum bodee to. eet
a staek an i noe it will taest reel gud. i am al soe gon git
on shoe pries is riet. win a bar bee kew greel. 

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

drawings i did, i did sum in 2010. i did sum this yeer to. 2011.

to dae eree bodee is no at hoem 
an wesley waet for litel majik geezus 
al a loen to brin to me a raedeeoe so i wan 
to lisin to mie rok an blews taeps.spaes plaen 
brin him to me wit a dawnkee to. it is 
the lorwd dae an i sae a praer an eet mask 
potaetoe an staek an drink siks beer. hapee 
holidaes frun wesley snipes. i luv yoo al.

man see mee in mie dreem an giv too mee nnew
wae to see in tiem it is not riet now but he caem
frum the fewchir an need fewd for tiem
masheen i gaev him hot dogs an he maek me
smoek a fewchir sigret an it wus gud but it is
reel coeld an litel frietins. i see sum bad
ting an maek it fun liek a monstir moovee. 

i wan to go to jorja an al peepil 
am goen go eet sum terkee an dress an 
mas poetaetoe graevee bee arown 
sum nies peepil wan mae be 
cook me a tacoe in sted so i mae 
go to giv sum beer to nies pursin i 
wan yu to hapee indeean man an not 
goen trus no laydee in blak shews. 

las niet litel chiels wan me to giv thim
sun kandees an i got a litel scaerd an hied
in closit. i wach m ie teevee an see shak
an he maek me not scaerd no moer. shak
is big man an he hut the litel scaeree chiels
an keep thim a wae frum wesley. i to maek a
tewna samwik. it is gud. 

to dae is laezir dae an i goen maek a
staek in mie bak yard i go to
groesree stoer an by sum staek an
mustird an broklee an i git the
best plaes to park mie truk. hapee laezir
dae i wan for to hav gewd tiem an yu to.

see monstir is tri to maek mi sitee
covird in watur an mudee coem to
new york bad laydee wit funee hat to.
wan to maek a bad tiem for me i am not
scaerd so i can swim to mi boet.

laydee smoek doep an she gon an tirn ded
res in pees aiemee wienhows. i plae the
gitar to. sumtiem i seeng the kaereeoekee
wit my laydee frin to a an eet chikin wins

hapee amarika dae to al mie frins an enmees.
i maek a big pig in can wit smoek. frin brin
bana pudin an salid an ries an beens.
had a gewd tiem in canida to. 

i eet sum budir an it maek me crazee won week
see a hevy metil konsirt an git a litil skaerd of
bogir man sneek on me. i by laydee roes an
sing a sawng to so not be to bad tiem
i am gon go an rasel a poodil to dae. eet a fily
chees staek to. mae be big spaes plaen fly
in the sitee an brin me a new owt fit.
i draw the nako man. 

i drreem i go to skewl an see the lizird man
he maek for me a ies tee an taek me to
forist i wus not scerd of baers and rabits
i eet a rabit to.

to day wesley eet a chikin for the meksikans. i maek
baskitbal go in to the hewp to. hapy bird day mekskoe.
won dae i am taek a laydee to mekskoe am eat a taakoe on beech.
i draw the taakoe monstir.

i am gon to a vaekaeshun an i git owt
of the big sitee i go in to the woods and
maek a fier wit my stiks.  i am cook
a ham birgir wit the meet saws
an all so the maenaes to

i see a goest on the sub wae an it wan
to scaer me. it giv to me the
ies creem to so i heer speek at me
an it sownd funy. an it is nies owtsied to

i go to sitee to by sum pants an spaes ship look at me
scaer me to. i run in the rayn to git a way.
i go hoem an i drink wien sum moer.

i see laydee an maek for her baykun eg
an chees samwic. go owt to resront an 

by sum fewd for me to.i drink sum 
wien toniet. i drw me an her as a big burd. 

i drink beer an los my coet. nies laydee
fien it on a stewl an giv bak to me.
she hav coet fiening ies. she see
in the dark rewm. i draw her giv
my coet bak to me.  

wut is a mater wit kat. wan to go
owtsied an i am scaerd she it gon
to biet me on the faes. i giv sum
kat fewd but she his at me.
i draw the bad kat.

res in pees lizbet taelir.

i bin gon a way to texis. i am sary to yu. 
spaes plaen scaers me to. i hoeld on an i
eet my leg. i see rok an rol blews thar
an the samee haegir plae the blews.
to manee peepil on the roed.

i am gon to texis to eet bar bee kew
an i am gon to hav a beer to. i am
gon hav a lot of beers. i see funy man
kik a rabit an maek fun of mexiko.
i protek my fewd wit big haer. 
crazee man maek the watir jump an
the polees  wit the poels an git me
i am gon to owtsied it is coeld he
sed that he is taeking bak but
i do not no if he can. i drew
the crazzee man.

the devil man try to taek fewd frum me
sneek in to my kichin an hied behien
the ies boks a way frum kat to. i drew a
big man beet him up.

i wont to ordir the chinees i do not hav
munee to by it i lirn to wriet in chinees
frum the internet i wont to hav
munee maeker to by my chinees
so i draw pikchers

i had a dreem that spaes man caem
to see me in sleep an giv to me a
pak of majik choclit egs that maek me
tirn in to a spydir. i drew the spaes man.

i see majishun maek wut he wont
he gon an maek a litel munkee. i
see a prity laydee an i sho her litel
cat. she giv me beer and i drew her cros to

my faevirit tv sho is gaynland
i see man shewt at me an i am
scaerd. i eet my chees samwich
and draw this hieding from gayn man. 

jaems brown gaev many gifs to litel
childrin. he put on his birgir the
manaes so i drew my diner. i am
wayting for my chinees agin. 

elvus wus drug adik. he stoel
frum jaems brown. i haet him. i hoep
he dies and i drew him a snaek tung.

sum won tuk a slies of my pizza. i am gon
git thim. i am sownd liek man on tv 
and cach bad pirsin. i drew detektiv.

 i am wayting on my domino pizza.
i am gon to by a truk and maek a
pikcher on the injin. i draw to
help the childrin not get to fat. 

sientists maek a spaes ship fly in to
spaes but can not maek peepel
feel beter in the stumak. i hav a 
stumak aek. i see on tv it 
is maeking a cunspeerasy
and i drew the king tuk.

i draw obamastien becaws to day is
persdint day. hapy presdint day
obama is my faevirit presdint
and he drinlk a beer.

my toylit is al oveer the rugs and  i
wont to see liny cravitz.he maed to 
dunk at won tiem. it was good sho 
but i thik it cood be beter.
i drew me i am mad at the toylit.

i drew a pikcher of to niet sater  day niet
i am gon to hav a partee and my
cd plaer hav sum macdfonaALs
and sum tacjo bel my frinds wil
by me beer and loto tikit.

wayting on chinees food. i am
hungree. thne chinees man rings
my dor bel. he givs me my chinees
food. i giv him the munee. i drew this
caws i am hungrwe.
i had bad dreem last niet that
i wus hunting litel man and
tyhe meen wich caem an she
maek mikal jordan in to
mikal jaksin. i drrew her an
her wich pot an por
mikal jordan with disees.

to day is valentiem day an i
wont evir won to no that
i am end luv wit. i thionk
the homo seks shud luv
on to day to. they all so by me
beers som tiems an i draw
this drawing for yu an thim.

ejiped is free. peepel ar hapy
an not shur wut it is. but wesley
snipes is hapy wen peepel aer hapy.
i drew liberashun pikcher for all
of my ejipedshun bruhters. 

mexiann fewd is tyhe kind i liek trhe
most. i think the creeper is in
my rewm. i drew this i and tel
him go a way creeper man

blak i pees wir reely good last niet.
i draynk to mani beers and not feel so good
to day. now im gon to eet. i drew
arrow smith seenger. 

to day is sewper boel day so i did a
drawing so god wil bles the boel
an thar wil be faer play and
no teroers wil hapen to no body.

a bad polees man took haf my chikin. i new wen
i saw the bar b q saws on his shrit. 
i drew this to rays publik awars.

to day i wood liek to meet a nies
girl may be and aishun to mery
caws to day i think i got poysoned
by a bireeto i got on the street an
it wood be nies to hav a pirsin
to help me and i wood draw pikchers
so i drew this so may be she wil liek it

last nite i had a dreem that i wus on
a boet and it cood fly so i cooked
in the kichin that was on the boet
it has micro waev i was angry an up set
wen i woek up and my sheets had cupcaek
smeered all over so i drew a
pikcher of drakula
febewary is blak munth and i
just wonted to pay my respeks to
the best raper in the wirld so
an i liek frogs trhey look neet 
an hop an it is a selebraet all 
yeer long so i drew this for the party
thoes cummershels wile the pries
is riet on get my grits all burn up
an this is wut they shuld reely
look liek so i wonted to
sho that so i drew this
non of thees aer as good as macdonal but
i liek captin dee's becaws they hav tar tar
saws and they hav mal vinigir so i drew this.

bob marli is my favorit gitar player so i
wonted to maek som thing xtra speshel
wen i maed this drawing yester day.
his bird day is this yeer.

i drew this becaws this is wat i feel liek
wen i am hungree and angree at the saem tiem
i al ways imajin it wood be
hard to play for yur chirch,
so insted i play for my lo cuntry 
boyl grewp. so i drew this.

i drew this for frind's bird day,
i wonted to by her a doe nut but i cood not.  

wen i drew this i was thanking cabel
televishun is hirting childrin wit guns
an fuking but i liek that tru blud won

osama ben ladin dos not liek
fried chikin so im gon go
an sho him hoo is bos
wit art wirk so i go to
up do this drawing
an hoep to maek him mad.
i reely liek steev martin wen i wus
a scool child so i did not no hoo
his faes is so i luked him up on
the internet and a did a drawing of him
an my faevirit plaes to eet at.

sumtiems when i dreem and look
in the mirir in my dreem, i see a duk.
so i did a drawing of ET and a lizird.